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In the video below, I explain how to work out if your garden studio windows are north facing. If they are north facing, you probably won't need the cooling aspect of an air conditioner in your garden office...(see my comments at the bottom of this page, about costs)


Hi There, Alex and I discuss the Air Conditioning Units in the videos below...  

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Larger AC Spec

STANDARD AC UNIT SPEC (installed in 95% of Garden Studios)...


LARGE AC UNIT SPEC (installed in very large Garden Studios)...


As a guide to AC costs...

A/C. 10 year cost including purchase at 14.1p per kWh £2,600
Conventional 3.2 kw electric radiator with built in thermostat control and hand held remote.
10 year cost including purchase at 14.1p per kWh £5,280 and no cooling facility.
This doesn't allow for the fact that the cooling mode still uses electric and so you would have
to allow for that. 
I believe the AC purchase is more of a "comfort" decision as the room is
generally more comfortable than having a conventional electric heater.
I do have a Which report summary if you decide to buy a normal heater. Let me know if you'd like to see that
and I can email it to you.
Also, bear in mind that an AC can be fitted retrospectively so you could try a summer and winter
without it and see how you go.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks,
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