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Budget circa £60,000

10m x 3.64m Granny Annexe

granny annex with full kitchen, jack & jill bathroom and bedroom


Alex gave me a quick tour of this Granny Annexe kitchen/lounge area in this video:


Photo of L shape kitchen:

granny annexe L shape kitchen


Alex then showed me in this video the "Jack & Jill" bathroom which has 2 doors. Having 2 doors means that a visitor to the Granny Annex does not have to enter or walk through the bedroom to gain access to the toilet:


Photo of the Jack & Jill bathroom:

As viewed from the bedroom door...

granny annexe jack & jill bathroom


Shower as viewed when entering from the kitchen/lounge area: (boiler cupboard on right.) This is the door which a visitor to the Granny Annex would use:

shower in a granny annex


In this video Alex discusses the journey through the Granny Annexe:


Alex discusses the window and door layout in this video:


Alex discusses the steps and decking for this Granny Annexe:


This photo shows the layout of the windows and door of the side of the Granny Annexe:

Side view of granny annex showing the window and door layout


This Granny Annex was installed on quite a severe slope but a concrete foundation wasn't required. Alex explains in this video:



In this video Alex explains the wider door installed in Granny Annex to ensure better access:


The internet supply for this Granny Annex uses the mains sockets as we discuss in this video:


This Granny Annex also had under floor heating installed in the lounge/kitchen and the bedroom. Alex explains in this video:


This photo shows how the Granny Annex looks from a bedroom window:

View of granny annex from bedroom window


This is the view from the house kitchen to the garden and Granny Annex:

View of Granny Annex from the house kitchen window


Some of the fitters who helped install this Granny Annex in 7 days:

Booths Garden Studios Fitters Installing A Granny Annex


If you would like to visit a Granny Annex or you want more information you can contact us by clicking here.

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