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15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC VF garden studio for artist. This studio has a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof and 3ft (910mm) decking below it to match. The garden was designed by top London designer Melanie Wand

This garden studio is used by Conchi for her sculpting. It's a 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) QC6 Garden Studio. As you can see, Conchis garden has quite a severe slope but that wasn't a problem for the QC adjustable base.

Light oak windows is the most popular choice for the window colour along with merlin grey walls.

12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC VF3 garden studio with light oak windows, soffits & pillars & merlin grey exterior walls.

The flyover roof and decking extend by 3' (910mm) from the frontage of this garden studio.

Happy customers in front of their 9' (2730mm) light oak garden studio windows and below their large flyover roof.

9' x 6' (2730mm x 1820mm) LoLine QC5 which will be used as an artist studio.

Featuring light oak windows with green exterior walls.

This Garden Studio Annexe is 18' x 9' (5460mm x 2730mm). Alex and I discuss the garden studio annexe with Yvonne in this VIDEO HERE.


Yvonne got planning permission for her garden studio annexe very easily and discusses it... VIDEO HERE.

I also asked Yvonne why she chose Booths for her father's garden studio annexe. Her answer is in this VIDEO HERE.

Autumn leaves start to fall on this light oak windows garden studio with grey walls. Interior size is 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) with a small flyover roof and decking.

Note the "half windows". These can be installed anywhere on a Studio. I'm asked a lot about half windows because people want to put their desks up to the wall but if it was me...I would have the full length windows and then have double electric sockets installed in the floor as Alex and I discuss in this VIDEO HERE. Also surprisingly, the full length window is a cheaper option than the half window. There's considerably more work to build a half window as it has a wall section and a window section which is why it's more expensive.

Alex shows a half window in this VIDEO HERE.

This 9' x 9' (2730mm x 2730mm) is a surprisingly good size for an office. If you can't afford one, we actually rent this size as well as a smaller 9' x 6' (2730mm x 1820mm). Alex and I discuss a rental garden studio in this VIDEO HERE. This rental studio is used as a writing studio which Alex and I discuss in this VIDEO HERE.

Another customer, Dianne, discusses renting a garden studio in this VIDEO HERE.

The light oak windows blend In well with garden foliage.

Light oak windows - Large Summerhouse With 2 Flyover Roofs And Decking

This VF Studio has light oak windows, soffits and pillars - a pleasure to view whilst eating breakfast:-)

Note the Light Oak Skirting Below The Decking.

Alex is chatting with Jeremy about his work. Jeremy is a finiancial advisor in Farnham and said "I wish I'd got the garden office years ago."


He also emailed to say..."Its been a couple of months since my new garden office was installed and I am delighted with it. Everyone who has been to our house is majorly impressed with it."

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC garden studio used as "Annexe for an aunty". This studio has a bedroom with an ensuite shower & toilet in the 3 sections on the left and a sitting room/kitchen plus 5 cats and a catflap in the 4 sections on the right. Irene, who is 71 years old says, "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else - I love it. The family are really close but I've kept my independance". We will have some videos about Irene and her annexe coming very soon.

6' x 9' (1820mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden room with light oak windows and juniper green walls

Close up photo of light oak pillar & up/down light.

It always amazes me how different the colours look on different computer screens and even from photo to photo. That's why we always organise visits to existing garden studios. You can't beat seeing the studios "in the flesh".


The comment I always get is "The website photos don't do the studios justice". If you want to visit a garden studio/garden office near you, simply email your postcode and I will get one organised for you.


Yes 255 weeks ago, according to Instagram."
is the answer Mark Rodway gave me when I asked how old his garden studio is.
I asked because in the photo - his 9' x 9' QC with a flyover roof, looks brand new - it looks like it's just been installed. It's actually nearly 5 years old.
Try achieving this "brand new" look with a timber garden studio that is 5 years old and you'd be looking at lots of painting or staining.

Everybody loves wood - but we don't always enjoy having to look after it. Even the most expensive cedars need staining if you want to preserve the look - if you don't - it goes a silver grey, often with dark stains. The QC Studio is truly zero maintenance for at least 25 years.


That's what QC stands for - "Quarter Century". A quarter century of not painting or staining your Booths Garden Studio. I have an article "WHY DOES TIMBER NEED LOOKING AFTER? here.

This Garden Summer House is a 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC VF Garden Studio with a flyover roof and decking below.