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I'd like a Flyover Roof on my garden office - what sizes do you supply?...

Iain replies...

"The Flyover roof and the decking below it comes in 3 standard depths - 3ft, 6ft and 9ft. In meteric this is 910mm, 1820mm and 2730mm.  

The studio below has a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof with the same size decking below. 

If you have a 6ft flyover roof then it has support posts due to the extended weight and if you have a flyover roof on the side of your studio, it also needs support posts. The side flyover roof are more accuarately described as "canopies" as they are not a full extension from the rafters in the roof. 

The advantages of the flyover roofs are...

They look stunning and add a touch of class to the whole structure.

They provide protection from the rain when your trying to find your key to get in your studio.

They protect the windows from rain which means the windows stay clean for longer.

In the summer, the flyover roof adds shade to stop your studio getting very hot.

The flyover roof gives a lovely feeling to sit under it - refreshing drink in hand - you feel "protected"

Steel brackets can be fitted to the flyover roofs so that a swinging chair or hammock can be installed for the ultimate relaxation. 


Downlights can be installed which look great and mean you socialise well into a warm summers evening...

Call Iain on 07590 067 120 if you need more information about the flyover roofs and decking.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks,